WOKSHOP 5x5. 2010 SRI LANKA, Manik Farm: Civil War


Civil war between Hindu Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese has centuries.

Last year Sri Lanka Government got the control of the whole country.

This meant hundreds of thousands of Tamils came to the Refugee Camps.

Manik Farm is one of them, it is a camp is suitable to receive 150.000 persons.

Right now it has 250.000 persons.

It is a big city with extremely poor conditions. People have made demonstrations to denounce their situation.


There is not a public official strategy, just to maintain the refugee camps.


1.- Design a new tent in order to create a new social net, where for instance the mothers can shift to take care of their children.

2.- Develop a refugee camp thinking this could be a new city.

This idea is through to develop public building (hospital, school, social meetings) like towers of several levels.

When refugee camp will finish, this buildings could have new meaning according with the future situation:

-Seed of a new city.

-Sustainable buildings for future farm activities.

-Memory places for future civil education.