07 Viviendas para refugiados por terremoto Arequipa, 2007 Arequipa, Perú América Latina




WORKSHOP AxE. 2007 PERÚ, Arequipa, Earthquake


June 2001 Arequipa suffered an earthquake 6.9° Richter.

91 dead

3000 injured

25.000 housing destroyed

330.000 displaced persons


Move people to safer places away of the city.

Deliver food and medicine through public organizations.

Problem people don’t want to move from their houses, because they want to protect their few goods and housing materials.


1.- Build new refugees in front of the destroyed or damage housings.

2.- Use their own debris and stones like gabion fill material.

3.- Rebuild houses with the same gabion system.

4.- Move leftover debris to down sites in the city.

Arquitectos: Jorge Lobos, Fernando Dowling, Camilo Palma y Universidad Andrés Bello Chile