04 Viviendas para refugiados erupción volcánica en Vanuatu, 2007 Vanuatu Oceanía



WORKSHOP AxE. 2007 VANUATU, Aoba island, Volcano Eruption


In November 2005 Aoba Volcano began an ash eruption.

AobaIsland has 10.000 inhabitants, 3271 were displaced from the volcano area.

The most villagers live from the traditional subsistence agriculture. It grows in large upland gardens (with good rainfall and safe from roving pigs).

This area is on slopes of the volcano.


Create new housing far from volcano.


1.-Maintain people in their own places because their economy depends of this place.

2.-Use safer areas in AobaIsland (both sides) like a second residence.

People could move to these places when volcano eruption will begin again.

3.-New housing are hanged of the palms & can be opened or closed like a pod.

Arquitectos: Jorge Lobos, Fernando Dowling, Camilo Palma y Universidad Andrés Bello Chile