j o r g e l o b o s







Architect University of Chile, FAU 1984

Master PhD Theory and Practice of project. ETSAB-UPC Barcelona Spain 2007

Associate Professor University of Sassari, UNISS, Italy since 2007

Associate Professor University of Chile FAU 1997 – 2006

VisitingTeacherRoyalDanishAcademy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen, KADK since 2007

Visiting Teacher ETSAM MadridSpain 1999 - 2003

Visiting Teacher University of Porto Portugal 2000

VisitingTeacherUniversity Austral Chile UACH since 2012

Founder of “E Architecture & Human Rights” Denmark 2008

Office of architecture in Spain, “Jorge Lobos, Belinda Tato y J. Luis Vallejos” 2000 - 2005

Office of architecture in Chile “Jorge Lobos + Arquitectos Asociados” since 1985



2012 Projects in 13th Triennial of Sofia Bulgaria

Project: This is not a Home in Copenhagen. Pudeto School, Chile and

Children square in Rome.

2007 Finalist International Competition Cultural Centre G. Mistral. SantiagoChile

2005 Award “XVIII Prize of architecture of Asturias”Spain

Project: House in Ranón, Asturias, Spain

2004 Award IV Biennial Iberoamericana of Architecture, Madrid, Spain&Lima, Peru

Project: House of the Trees, Chiloé, Chile

2001 Award EUROPAN VI, Union Europe

Project: Building of housing in Barakaldo, Spain

2000 Award “First International Competition of architecture La Havana”Cuba

Project “Three Buildings of housing in La Havana”

1995 Award “X Biennial of Architecture of Chile”Santiago of Chile

Project “Church San Vincent of Paul” Chiloé, Chile

1994 National Award “Young Architect of Chile” Santiago of Chile

National Association of Architect of Chile

1993 National “Cultural Award of Chile”Santiago of Chile

Chilean Ministry of Education

Different Projects for: III, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XIV and XV Biennial of Chile

1983, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2004 and 2006



2005 Prize Chilean Foreign Office

project “Tradition and Modernity in Chiloe” Denmark, Norway and Finland

2004 Prize FONDART Ministry of Education

Project Museum of Archaelogy MAMVChiloeChile

2003 Prize FONDART Ministry of Education

Project Small Square of light at the evening, Maipu Chile

2000 Second prize “First International Competition of architecture La Havana”Cuba

Project “Three Buildings of housing in La Havana”

Second prize Rehabilitation of Government Building of Castilla la Mancha Spain

SecondPrizeHousingBuilding in Andalucia Spain

1998 First Prize building of Ministry of Education “X Region” Chile

1997 Finalist International Competition “HousingBuilding” in BerlinGermany

1996 Project for Biennial Iberoamericana I of Architecture. MadridSpain

Project “Church San Vincent of Paul”, Chiloé, Chile

Project for “X Biennial of Architecture of Quito”, Ecuador

Project “Church San Vincent of Paul”, Chiloé, Chile

1993 Prize FONDART Ministry of Education

Project Rehabilitation of Theatre in Ancud

1992 Project for Chilean representation in Universal Expo of Sevilla Spain

1990 First and second prize of Industrial building in ChiloeChile



Books, articles, research and press reports published in:

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, EEUU, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, China and Latvia.

In Language: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese and Latvian.

Main books:

2013 “Architecture for humanitarian Emergencies 02”, Copenhagen KADK Denmark

DRAWINGS Jorge Lobos, RomeItaly

“Towards a cultural architecture” RomeItaly

2012 “Architecture for humanitarian Emergencies 02”, Copenhagen KADK Denmark

2011 “Architecture for humanitarian Emergencies 01”, Copenhagen KADK Denmark

2006 “Guide of Architecture and territory of Chiloé”, Sevilla, Spain 2007



Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, Canada, Ecuador, Bolivia, France, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, USA, Peru, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Turkey, England, Bulgaria and Latvia.



Visiting Teacher in several International Universities in:

Latvia, England, Turkey, Mozambique, Mexico, Italy, Denmark, USA, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, Bolivia, Chile.



2012 Project “GarbageCity” in Cairo, Egypt

Project “Hammock skyscraper” in slums of Mumbai, India

Project “Bubble shelter” for earthquake and Tsunami in Tokio, Japan

Iris Housing (24 houses) in Puerto Montt Chile

House in the forest, South of Chile 2011-2012

2011 Project Bazaar and refugee for earthquake, IstanbulTurkey

Homeless building “It is not a home” Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 ProjectArqeologyMuseum Monteverde, Chile 2001-2010

Project 75 wooden Housing in Chiloe, Chile 2010-2012

Project Maldives islands and Climate Change, Maldives

Project Survival platform in Maniquenique Mozambique

Project 5 propositions for Castelsardo, SardiniaItaly

Project Refugee camp in Manik Farm, Sri Lanka

Project rehabilitation housing after earthquake in L’Aquila Italy

2009 FátimaSchool, Ancud, Chile, 2004-2009

Pudeto school, Ancud, Chile, 2004-2009

2008 Public Square San Carlos de Chonchi, South of Chile

2007 Project Hotel in Santa Cruz, Chile, 2007-2008

Project Cultural center Gabriela Mistral, Chile

2004 ProjectMuseum of Sciences Meteorological of SpainMadrid, 2001-2004

House Chamiza 2, South of Chile

House of Ranón, Spain 2001- 2004

2003 Project Greenhouses for lead pollution in Paso Molinos, Montevideo, Uruguay

Rehabilitation Architecture study, Madrid Spain 2002-2003

House Chamiza 1, South of Chile 2002-2003

House of the trees for disable children in the humid forest of South of Chile

2002 House of the arrayanes, South of Chile

2001 Project of 200 housing on the nervion river, BilbaoSpain

2000 ProjectBuilding of housing in Barakaldo, Spain

ProjectRehabilitationBuilding government of Castilla La Mancha” Spain

Project Three Buildings of housing in La Habana, Cuba

1999… Building Educational Ministry in Valdivia, Chile

1997 ProjectHousingBuilding in Berlin, Germany

House for elder people in Maullin, South of Chile

1996 RehabilitationNerconChurch (c. XVIII), South of Chile

1992 Church San Vincent of Paul, South of Chile

SocialBuilding San Vincent of Paul, South of Chile 1990-1992

Kindergarten in Ancud, South of Chile 1992

Project of Social Housing in Pino Montano, Sevilla, Spain 1990-1992

1991 Granary House in Pulelo, South of Chile

1990 Extension Hotel Galeón Azul, South of Chile

1986 House of the Snake, South of Chile 1986-1991

1985 House of the fisherman, Ancud, South of Chile



e g a ñ a 1 5 0 * p u e r t o m o n t t * c h i l e

v i t t o r i o e m a n u e l e 2 9 * a l g h e r o * i t a l i a

J e n s K o f o d s G a d e 4 / 5 * c o p e n h a g e n * d i n a m a r c a

c h i l e + 5 6 / 9 4 5 2 2 3 0 1

i t a l i a + 3 9 / 3 2 0 4 2 5 7 5 6 6

d i n a m a r c a +4 5 / 6 0 7 6 2 2 5 6